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If you’re thinking of taking a vacation in the UK and visiting The British Museum, you’ve come to the right place. This public museum is a world-renowned institution devoted to human history, art, and culture. With eight million works in its collection, the museum chronicles human culture from its earliest days to the present. However, before you decide to book a tour or visit the museum itself, read on to learn more about the museum and its tours.

The British Museum

The British Museum is a world-renowned, public museum in London, dedicated to art, culture, and human history. Its permanent collection contains eight million works, documenting human culture from the beginnings to the present. There are so many things to see and do in this museum that you’ll likely never get tired of it! There’s something for everyone at the British Museum. Here’s what you can expect to find when you visit.

Its collections

The collections at the British Museum represent many different cultures. From the early Oceanic period to the contemporary Pacific region, the museum holds artifacts from Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. Aboriginal artifacts from Australia are also represented. While Europeans brought metal working to Oceania, many artefacts made there are still made of stone. A collection of prehistoric objects from Papua New Guinea includes a stone mortar and bird-shaped pestle.

Its buildings

The British Museum is a cultural landmark in London. The buildings are home to a variety of galleries and museums, including the Natural History Museum and the Department of Britain, Europe, and Prehistory. The museum’s collections span thousands of years, representing cultures throughout the world. The British Library and Natural History Museum collectively hold over 150 million objects, while the British Museum’s collection stands at thirteen million. This massive expansion reveals how the museum has changed over time.

Its tours

The British Museum offers a number of different tours that are suitable for the whole family. You can join the two-hour tours on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday at 2.30pm. The British Museum is located near three Tube stops, including Russell Square. You can take a tour in the morning or afternoon based on your interests and level of knowledge. You can also take a tour after work if you prefer.

Its library

The history of the British Museum’s library is as rich as its collections. In 1837, a wealthy Italian expatriate named Sir Antonio Panizzi donated his collection of 4,500 volumes of fine printed books, coins, gems, and plays. In addition to his personal collection of books, he also donated a cabinet containing mineral specimens. Though he never visited the museum, his contributions made the British Museum an even more important library.